How to Buff Nails?

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buffing nails, how to buff nailsTo buff, or not to buff? So far, I haven’t found a definitive answer to that question. The opinions vary dramatically. Personally, I don’t mind buffing nails lightly every now and then. I do it to get rid of occasional flaky bits that glitter nail polish can leave behind. My preferred nail bars are an ORLY file that has 3 different surfaces or The Body Shop nail bar.

What about you guys, do you buff your nails and if so, how often? What is the best nail bar for buffing in your opinion?

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  • Kitty

    I dont buff mine at all. I have some ridges but prefer to hide them with a ridge fille base coat when needed.

  • I found out that I have less break if I filled them when they are polished, the polish makes them stronger and don’t split anymore since I do that

  • sorry I did not finsh my com… I never buff them either because it makes them split

  • Better don’t buff. Every buffing makes nails thinner, so easier to break them. I do it, only if it’s really necessary – like you said – to hide little flaky bits.

    • Yes, I’ve heard about some of effects of buffing, especially when people try to buff ridges to get perfectly smooth surface. So definitely not doing that!

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