Transit Lounge Black and White Nails: Sydney – Abu Dhabi

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black and white nails, abu dhabi

Today we’re travelled from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. To compliment my travelling outfit, I went for a simple black and white nails with my signature studs pattern (also seen here and here). That way I could also try some of the new Ulta3 shades I cheekily purchased just before our departure. The thought of leaving them behind untried was simply unbearable.

In case you don’t know, Ulta3 is one of the most (if not the most) popular nail polish brands in Australia. The shades are always on trend, great formula and very affordable, only $2 p/bottle! No wonder they have so many fans, including myself!

Want to know more about this stunning black shade? Read our review below!

ulta3 triple threat, ulta3 lily whiteREVIEW:

  • Formula: Easy to apply and a bit thicker than typical Ulta3 polishes. Fast drying and 3-free.
  • Application: 2 coats will ensure full coverage. A high gloss top coat is essential as it will smooth out the uneven surface caused by glitter.
  • Finish: Black with multi dimensional, extra fine glitter that ranges from blue to green, yellow, silver and red.
  • Dupes: Ulta3 Triple Threat shade is very similar to Dollish Polish, Nope! The OTHER Edward and a-england Bridal Veil. It sits somewhere in between the two: Ulta3 has more glitter then Dollish Polish while it’s glitter particles are larger then a-england’s.
  • Brush: It’s not the easiest to work with but it’s fine.
  • Wearability: Without a top coat it can go 2 days chip free. With top coat 3-4 days.
  • Extra comments: It’s difficult to remove so you’ll need to use the soaking method as with any glitter polish. More info here.
  • Nail Art: Perfect for any type of nail art or just for details.

black and white nailsstuds nailsblack and white nails with studs

Overall Impression: A beautiful, black shade with a subtle holo effect. Great quality for it’s price, a perfect substitute for more expensive shades.

Availability: In selected pharmacies and Target stores.
So, how do you like the Triple Threat shade and this black and white nails look, in general? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Used: Ulta3 Triple Threat, Lily White, studs, Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat.

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