What’s The Best Vitamins For Nails?

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best vitamins for nails

Recently I was interviewed by a beauty magazine and they asked me if I take any special vitamins or food supplements for my nails. “Of course” I answered. As someone with naturally weak nails prone to breaking, vitamins is a must for me, along with other essential elements of my nail care routine. I wrote the whole post here about my journey from peeling nubs to much stronger and longer nails. And while I try to take breaks from vitamins, I can’t go longer than 2 weeks before my nails become frail. You may have noticed the trend – first a short nails series followed by a how to fix a broken nails tutorial. That was me taking a break from vitamins :)

So I’m back again to my favourite Swisse Women’s Ultivite multivitamin. So far, I’ve found these vitamins to be the most effective. They’re good for nails and also give me a noticeable spike in energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. But I’m always on the look out for something better that will keep my nails lasting even through the vitamin-free breaks.

So guys, come on spill! What vitamins or supplements are you taking and why would you?

– Maria, xx

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  • Kiz

    Along with my usually women’s multivitamin, I take an additional 5,000 mcg of Biotin. My nails are naturally strong but with Biotin, they grow pretty fast. Biotin also works wonders for my hair too!

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