8 Nail Care Products That Amazed Me The Most In 2014

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In so many ways, 2014 was an amazing year. It was a year full of firsts. For the first time I ran a nail art workshop and held pop-up nail art salon. I also tried hundreds of new nail polishes and dozens nail care products. Some were hot, some not and others blew my mind!

So here’s 8 nail care products that amazed me the most in 2014:

BEST NAIL CARE PRODUCTS 20141. Rimmel Salon Pro Top Coat Ultra Shine: It was used up so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to photograph the bottle for the full review. It’s easy to apply! It doesn’t shrink and doesn’t get bubbly. It has a fantastic wide brush, like Dior polishes, but without the price tag. Gimme  more!!!
Get it $8.95 AUS here.

2. Orly Cutique: A truly amazing product that instantly grooms your cuticles and somehow dissolves flaky bits. Amazing, I know!
Get it $19.95 AUS here; $10 US here.

3. Orly Bonder: It does exactly what it says – it bonds! The Bonder bonds polish to nails so well it became a cult product and celebrity manicurists’ favourite.
Get it $10 US here.

4. Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab: A small yet powerful friend for your cuticles. Great for travelling or on-the-go applications.
Get it $7.49 US here; $10.36 AUS here.

best top coat of 2014

5. Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top Coat: Another affordable yet super-mega-fantastic top coat. I went through at least 6 bottles last year and I still have 4 in my stash, just in case. Yep, it’s that good!
Get it $6.99 US here; $13.95 AUS here.

6. Sea Siren Hand and Foot Scrub: Amazing non-greasy scrub, gentle formula that visibly softens fine lines and leaves hands refreshed and nourished. When we were shooting our DIY hand spa at home tutorial, our hand-model Evgeniya was so impressed by the scrub that she wanted to buy it straight away! Needless to say, on that day we all stayed in just to give ourselves a Sea Siren DIY hand spa.
Get it $29.95 here.

7. Revitanail Remover Wipes: I never thought wipes could remove polish as well as acetone but Revitanail wipes did exactly that. A fantastic multi-tasking product, it removes polish AND moisturises your cuticles simultaneously. Great for travelling and sneaky polish removal in the office! It won’t leak and it won’t smell.
Get it $5.99 AUS here.

8. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream: Just like the Rimmel top coat, this cream got used up too quickly. Hence the photo of the empty tube :) Guys, it’s one of the best smelling and moisturising hand creams out there. So if you’re looking for one (maybe to accomplish Resolution #11) – try this one, it won’t disappoint!
Get it $25 US here, $28 AUS here.

Now guys, tell me…

What new amazing nail care products have you discovered in 2014?

– Maria, xx

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  • Okay, I really need to try those Orly products!!

  • Bee

    I want the orly ones I’ve already got Sally Hansen’s nail rehab cuticle oil and revitanail removal wipes and there very good and moisturizing.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re also enjoying Sally Hansen nail care! It’s really nice and effective. And yes, try Orly, you’ll love them!

  • Delphi

    I already used Orly Bonder and love it. Based on your recommendation in this post, II bought I Orly Cutique. OH, MY GOD. Amazing! I was already using a mango fragrance product I bought at Sally Beauty Supply that was working to my satisfaction. However, the Orly Cutique got so much dead cuticle off, I had to shut my mouth. I also bought OPI Original Nail Envy (because of The Nailasarus’ review, http://www.thenailasaurus.com/2015/01/nail-care-opi-nail-envy-base-coat-review.html) and am hoping for results like she got. Just like you, she advised balancing the product with cuticle oil or cream. I plan to use the OPI Nail Envy (two coats) followed by one coat of the Orly Bonder before applying polish. Along with maintaining with Orly Cutique and cuticle oil (I use CND Solar Oil), It’s some extra work but I’ll do it to have stronger, healthier nails. Who-hoooo! Thanks for introducing me to Orly Cutique!

    • That is SO great to hear Delphi! And, yes, I think it’s a great idea to use Nail Envy together with Bonder. I often use 2 or 3 different nail care products before applying nail polish, depends on what result/look I’m trying to achieve. For instance, Orly Nailtrition + Essie Ridge Filler combo is an excellent base for foil finish polishes and chromes. x

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