Expert Advice: Top 5 Nail Art Tips For Beginners

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strawbrie nail art tips for beginners 1We’re excited to announce the beginning of our new ‘Expert Advice’ series that will run as a part of the ‘SoNailcious Loves’ series. We’re even more excited to have the super talented Brie of “Strawbrie Salon” as our first Expert. Brie is located in Perth, Australia which is where she’s been running her business and painting her nails obsessively for the past year or so. She’s a fully qualified nail technician, spray tanner and eyelash tech too. She is also an instagram nail super-star. Remember, our Top 10 Nail Instagrammers post? Yep, Brie is the face behind the nails on mega popular @strawbrie Instagram account.

As Brie herself admits she is obsessed with nail art and today she shares her top 5 nail art tips for beginners:

“1: Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Hey! The “Mona Lisa” wasn’t Leonardo Da Vinci’s first attempt, right?! Heck, if you saw some of my earlier nail art you might just cry! Don’t be discouraged if your first try didn’t turn out as planned! Rock that mani & be proud! And besides, that’s what acetone is for right?! ;)

now and then2: Find things that inspire you!

Look around! What colours do you like? Search “nail art” in google images, YouTube or in hashtags on Instagram & your eyes will be assaulted by all sorts of designs, both intricate & simple! Your imagination is your only limitation!

3: Invest in some basic nail art essentials.

Dotting tools, fine nail art brushes, rhinestones & decals. I literally just search these items on eBay & buy the cheapest ones. Not only will they inspire your creativity, but they are easy to use & cheap too! You can even get some brands of polish for $2.00 AUD.

nail art tools4: Share your nail art with others!

Join Instagram, start a blog, have nail painting parties with a group of friends. Feedback is great & there’s nothing better compliments on your than getting hard work!

5: And this is the big one!… PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!

I literally paint my nails EVERY night. I know this isn’t realistic for everyone, but even a regular mani on the weekend with some nail art is a chance to hone your skills! Not to mention a great way to pamper yourself!

the best nail art strawbrieAnd… Most importantly HAVE FUN!”

If you’re on Instagram and want Brie (aka @strawbrie) to check out your nail art, feel free to tag her @strawbrie. Brie is one of the friendliest #nailgirls you could ever meet.

Regarding the tips, we 100% agree with Brie – especially, on “practice makes perfect”. And, you lovelies, how do you like Brie’s nail art tips? What tip is the most valuable to you? What are your best nail art tip/s? Share with us, we’d love to know your opinion!

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