What’s Your Best Base Coat?

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best base coat nail polishWe’ve been doing well with the Ask SoNailicious feature. Now let’s see how we go with SoNailicious Asks, the first question I’d like to ask you is:

“What’s your best base coat and why?”

As someone who’s nails are prone to breaking, I’m constantly on a look out for base coats that strengthen, nourish and protect my nails. So guys, share you secrets! What nail base coat are you using at the moment and why are you liking it?

ps. Got a nail question? Email Maria at editor@sonailicious.com. We’ll do our best to find the answer!


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  • Leyla

    Right now I’m using Essie Grow Stronger base coat. It strengthens my nails and also makes them grow faster. So far, so good!

    • Yes, I’ve been test driving both – Essie Millionails and Grow Stronger. So far so good! But we’ll see how they go after one month ;)

  • Gail

    I use a combination of three. First I use Nailtiquies 2+ protein. On top of that goes Essie. Ridge filler. Finally I use a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. Yes this is overkill but I am 60 years old and have splitting peeling nails. I also swim one hour three days a week. The chlorine is brutal! So I always make sure my nails are well polished and protected. I do a new manicure once a week with touch ups and always add a new coat of Seche Vite every night. I also take Biotin. With all that I have long nails again!

    • Such a great routine! It all makes sense. Thanks for sharing Gail! I’ll try layering too, Essie Ridge Filler evens out nail surface so well!

  • I’ve been using OPI’s Start to Finish, and haven’t had a break for the last 7 months!
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    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about OPI strengtheners! Going to try OPI Nail Envy but thanks for letting me know about Start to Finish. No breaking for 7 month sounds – good to me! ;)

  • Kitty

    OPI Natural Nail Strengthener is the best product for me. Have been testing others – Essie, Nailtek, Qtica but always return to NNS + on occasions ridge filler by either Essie or Orly.

    • I’ve heard so many good OPI nail strengtheners! It seems like it’s my destiny to start using them ;) Thanks for letting me know about NNS, Kitty!

  • My favorite nail strengthener is Revitanail (It’s just called nail strengthener- nothing fancy). I used to have weak nails that broke whenever they grew past the end of my finger from wearing latex gloves all day. I tried every sally hansen strengthener on the market (at the time this was all I knew about) and they didn’t improve at all.
    A lady at Priceline recommended the Revitanail and within a month I stopped getting breaks. It has now been over a year since my last nail break! (Knock on wood!)

    It’s also good to hear that the Essie Ridge filler is good- I just got some for my Mum who has recently been getting bad ridges in her nails.

  • Chantal

    My favorite base coat is O.P.I Nail Envy , strengthen, grows and helps prevent chipping And cracking on nails, best I’ve ever had !

    • It seems like OPI Nail Envy is the most popular strengthener, isn’t it?!

  • I haven’t tried a huge number of different ones, but so far I think the best performing ones in my book are the nail strengthening base coat from Sinful Colors, and Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Hardener (the pink tinted one). Both of them have really good staying power and have definitely made my nails stronger. In contrast, I’ve also tried NailTek Foundation II (strengthened okay, but chipped easily and I have to order it online) and Orly Bonder (wasn’t strengthening, and also chipped easily, which surprised me because I’d heard good things about it and it was more expensive). I think I’ve tried a few others here and there (I tried an Essence one at one point) but other than the first four I listed none are of any note, they were just “meh.” So Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen are the ones that get my vote.

    • That’s interesting. I tried Sally Hansen and yes, it’s fantastic! but Sinful Colours, I was a bit disappointed with the polishes so haven’t even considered trying their base. So thanks for suggesting, Samantha! I’m adding it to my long now ‘must try’ list.

  • I’m loving an indie made base coat from Nail Care HQ called Simply Smooth. It really keeps my polish stuck to my nails better than any that I’ve tried before. Here is the link.

  • Anais

    The base coat I use is a brand we have here in Venezuela, i really don’t know if it’s known internationally. Its name is Valmy, I’ve been using it for 4 months now and it works fine for me. It dries fast and protects my nails also making them stronger. It’s a good and cheap nail strengthening !

    • Sounds really good! I guess my next trip should be to Venezuela ;) But in all seriousness, when traveling last time, I found so many amazing local polish brands and nail care products… wish all brands would just start selling online and shipping internationally! So we could try any product from anywhere in the world. One day. Hopefully!

  • I haven’t find my best base coat yet. I tried many some of OPI, Orly, LCN, Nail Tek, but I didn’t see any changes – they didn’t grow faster or stronger, only nail polish lasted longer on the nails. But it is good too. :)
    Now I’m trying Sally Hansen Triple Strong. It looks so werid like some medicine bottle. Will see…

  • I’ve been using OPI Nail Envy for awhile now! I used to only use it while I was taking a break from colors but then I started just using it as a base coat and it works really well — doesn’t chip like crazy or anything (don’t know why I thought it might do that since it’s supposed to add STRENGTH to your nails, duh, ha!). The only thing it doesn’t help me with is peeling. So my nails are STRONG (I don’t get breaks) but they still peel on some of the tips. Maybe I just need to moisturize them more?!

  • I have been using essie’s grow stronger. and I love it! I swim 3-4 times a week at 90 minutes a pop! I have seen a reduction of about 95% of my split nails! I still have one (my ring finger on my right hand) that gives me trouble. No matter what I use, it always splits. I love that base coat because I also notice a difference in chipped nails. I hardly ever get chipped nails anymore. I also want to try millionails, but at over 10 bucks a pop..it is on the pricey side for me. But maybe I will try it next after grow stronger is empty =)

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