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Ask SoNailicious: 5 Best Apps for Watermarking Photos

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best iphone apps for watermarking photosLast week we were looking at how to watermark photos in Photoshop. This week we’re showing you our best 5 iPhone apps for watermarking photos. Getting an app for watermarking is particularity relevant if your Instagram account is growing fast and you want to strengthen your branding  or if you simply want to protect your work from unauthorised use.

Here’s our top 5:

  1. iWatermark, for Iphone and Ipad, $1.99 (our personal favourite). Easily protect your images with a visible text or graphic or QR watermark.
  2. Impression, $1.99. Another easy to use watermarking app. High-quality watermarks can be resized, rotated and placed in the location of your choice.
  3. Marksta, $1.99. Marksta is a full-feature, professional standard app that allows to watermark photos, add text, logos or a copyright notice to your images before sharing them on your social media.
  4. Font Free – Text Overlay for Photos is a great free watermarking app. It adds text overlays to your photos making it perfect for creating inspirational quotes (like images above) as well as watermarking.
  5. eZy Watermark Lite, another free watermark app that allows you to easily resize, rotate and position your watermarks.

These apps are all quite easy to use so it’s really a matter of personal preference and budget. Each of them have an Ipad version too if you like working in a larger format.

What are your favourite apps for watermarking photos? Are you using currently any of the above?

And, as always, if you have any nail or nail blogging related questions just email your questions to Maria at editor@sonailicious.com.

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  • Starling West November 23, 2013, 3:54 am

    Thanks for posting this, it can be so hard to find the right tools for mobile blogging!! I have a couple of suggestions.

    If you want watermarks that curl around the nail, or follow some other path, try downloading either PathOn or TypeDrawing. TypeDrawing limits you to a photo of max 640 pixels wide, which might be a problem for some, but it’s VERY user-friendly. PathOn is harder to use but you can keep your image size. With either of these apps, you can wrap your watermark text around a nail or polish bottle, or wherever you want!!

    I exclusively mobile blog using my 5th Gen iPod Touch and Galaxy Note 2 (no laptop at all), and those two apps have proven invaluable to me!!!!

    Hope this helps. :) Thanks Maria!!

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