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orly giveaway

How about a fabulous nail giveaway to celebrate the new season? It’s super easy to enter and it’s only for the SoNailicious readers. I guess you are, if you’re reading this post ;)

I teamed up with ORLY Australia to give away this fabulous nail polish set valued at $100. The set includes Orly 2-in-1 Base coat + Top coat and  4 of the most popular colours:

  • Orly Glowstick
  • Orly Highlight
  • Orly Purple Crush
  • Orly Va Va Voom

Sound exciting? One of these packs can be yours and it’s very easy to enter!

How To Enter*:

  1. Comment on this post letting us know you’re entering and answer one question: “What nail art would you create with these colours?”  (Here’s all our nail art tutorials, in case you need some ideas)
  2. You must be SoNailicious follower – either via Bloglovin (here) OR be a subscriber to the SoNailiciuos newsletter. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our newsletter via form below:

The giveaway starts today, September 2nd, 2015 and closes at midnight September 9th, 2015 (11:59pm, Sydney time).

The winner will be chosen based on the most interesting answer. This giveaway is open worldwide. You must be 18 years of age and over. The winner will be announced here in this post via ’Update’ and also contacted via email on September 10th, 2015

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. The winner – Murielle (commented as Patatine 069) has been notified and the prize will be shipped to her.

Thanks for entering everyone!!

– Maria, xx

Terms & Conditions 1. ‘SoNailicious Back To School Giveaway’ – open worldwide. 2. To enter in this competition you must: a) Be SoNailicious follower via Bloglovin or Newsletter, b) leave a comment on this post. *These are obligatory entries. 4. Winners will be chosen on the above criteria and with the most interesting comment. There will only be 1 winner. 5. One person can only enter once but can accumulate double points by sharing the first image or their own image on Facebook. 6. Winners will be announced via Update on this post and contacted via email on the 10th of September 2015 (by 10pm, Sydney time). 7. The prize pack valued RRP $100. 8. If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 24 hours, we will choose another winner. 9. Prizes will be posted to the winners on the 28th of May 2015. 10. You must be over 18 years old to enter this giveaway. 11. This giveaway for the SoNailicious readers only, all giveaway accounts will be disqualified.

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  • Cass Stanford

    “What nail art would you crate with these colours?”

    I would create a watermarble effect with these colours! One drop at a time into a cup and then make a pattern. Dip one finger in and clean edges! Seal with a top coat! Have been dying to do a watermarble and these colours would make the best feature! I would have one feature nail and the rest nude on one hand and then one nude and the rest feature on the other hand!!

    • Haha Cass, I think you just earned double points for such attention to detail. All fixed now ;) And well, your nail art ideas are fantastic! Thanks for entering! x

  • Sondang

    These color remind me of tropical flowers, so i will make hibiscus flower nail art. ohhh i wish i win this giveaway, so i can have more orly polish in my collection.

  • Hi!
    Thanks for the opportunity:-)
    I want to create “water-marble”effects with shades and use them for creating birthday nails too.

  • Olesia Flegka

    I would create nail art with stripes, dots, zigzag and splatter splash. I believe geometric shapes would look great with these colors…

  • Oh Maria, that’s quite the task. I would love to do one of your notorious double french manicures and connect those with some sort of V shape ooooorrrr… thinking about it some geometric mix and match nails would be awesome too, stripes, triangles, dots and so on.

  • Toan tran

    Marble nails

  • Aislin

    Well… I gotta say this is a challenge. Neons paired with a nude? *Literally stares at colours for like 15 minutes tossing up between colour combos* Okay… I think I got one! I was thinking of many options: Hawaiian, Geometric, Watermarble etc, but then it struck me! Why not create… A design… About… *Drumroll* of the giveaway topic: Back to school… Okay, so maybe neons aren’t the most practical thing for back to school, but if I was a teacher, you’d be my fave student ever? Okay enough about me, more about polish. So it’s gonna be a rainbow-y back to school thing, that’s cool right? So I’d start with a white nude base (Va Va Voom) on all fingers. Next I’d apply that amazing top+base coat chilling up there somewhere^^ and let that dry. Then I’d use striping tape, and make a pencil using orly glow stick and black acrylic paint. Boom! Pencil. On my middle finger I’d use white acrylic paint and draw multiple diagonal lines across my nail. Then I’d use orly highlight to draw a vertical line on the right side of my nail to create a margin. And there you have a pretty :/ notebook. On my thumb pinky and index finger, I’d use orly glowstick, highlight, purple crush and a detailing brush to create little rainbow splatter shaped thingys on my nails – to look like paint.

    I know your probably thinking it’s stupid or you haven’t read this far – either one I tried and that’s all that matters. Thank you for this giveaway and good luck everyone!

  • I would make a gradient with green and two pinks. And then make an accent nail with the grey (most probably a tribal stamp)

  • Inday

    My entry into this great giveaway! – I love striped designs so I would start with a base of Highlight and do stripes of varying sizes using the neon colors by taping off thin and wide sections on each nail with striping tape.

  • I participate! and with them, the truth, would do anything! from ombre nails, water mable, some free hand or to wear it without decoration, they are precious! thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Maie

    Those awesome colors inspire me to do so many with them!! Water marble flower pattern, zebra print, butterfly wing, gradient, summer nautical designs, strips, dots and most important candy and ice cream bcuz the colors r so delicious ???

  • Lydia Brook

    I would have to create a polka dot design with these colours, an 80’s inspired design because the colours remind me of glow sticks x

  • MG

    I would wear them without any design, cause every one of these colors deserves to pop out itself :)

  • Colleen Robbins

    With these beautiful colors I would love to try water marbling..or even try making some beautiful hawiian flowers..I love them!!

  • I’d like to do a water marble with all these jewels!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Nikita

    I would do a colour block/negative space mashup. Soo bright!!! ???

  • Alice

    I can’t enter this giveaway because I’m 13 but with those amazing colors I will probably do an Aztec design… Apply the base coat on all of my nails. Then paint all of them with the nude color and then only on the middle and the ring finger I would do the classical Aztec pattern….

  • Jen

    I would definitely go for some neon negative space nails!

  • Makiz

    I would love to create a double french manicure! I think they look so chic and with these colours it would give it a fun colourful twist :)

  • Christina M.

    I would love to see some subtlety playing with those neons… so I’m seeing a nude/grey curtain over a triangle of neon pop! [–Paint nail with desired neon shade. Let dry. Starting at base of nail, with guides if necessary (I use plain old tape a lot), bring the neutral up the sides of the nail, making a triangle of neon in the center, surrounded by a triangle ‘curtain’.–] These neons would be amazing (maybe 2 on one nail) separated by a black, white or grey line/geometric pattern, too!

  • Anna

    I love neon polish so much! I think I’d grab a straw and make a splatter nail mani. I bet fun graffiti nails with these colours popping would look awesome.

  • Lindsey

    What an awesome giveaway! I love that you wanted to do something special for your readers! Shows that you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you! I know that it takes quite a bit if work on your part and I hope you know that we recognize that. Your tutorials are the best! Now, to answer your question, I think that these bright colors would look beautiful when used to recreate your Thailand Inspired mani. When I think of Thailand, I immediately picture bright, bold colors! If I were lucky enough to win, I’d definitely try my hand at it!

  • Angela Sandoval

    Those colors scream summer! I’d do a gradient with maybe some palm trees, or a hammock, oh I know….a dolphin jumping out of the water!!

  • wish

    just after seeing these colors my first thought was to do tribal nails….

  • Aeron Winters

    I would do a totally wild leopard print with those mad bright colours. I love brights and they are perfect for sping/summer.

  • Lespoulesaussisontvernies

    Hello !!
    What à gorgeous giveway !!! ?
    Those Colors are perfect !
    What could I do with ?!? Soooo much things !
    But I think that a crazy colored zebra !! ?
    Thank you !
    Kiss from France !

  • Angela

    I am seriously trying to be artistic! For some, it comes naturally. I wish I had that ability! I have been very ill for the past few years, and my nails are starting to make a comeback. They’ve been very dry, brittle, peeling, etc… Because of my medicine. I have been buying A LOT ( I mean A LOT!!! ) of polish and Orly has become a favorite of mine because it really lasts! I wash my hands all the time, and it lasts…all I can say.
    So… Not being “Artistic”…I would try to do my best marble with these. I’ve bought the brushes for “Fancy” work, but I am not that steady!! I’m thinking water marble! Dip & Go!
    I’d love to show y’all what I create…or flub up trying!!!
    ? ?? ?????


  • maria

    I like putting stickers over my nail polish, it’s quick, easy and you get a nice result.

  • Kate

    I would do a reverse gradient polkadot design using all the shades. Gradient base tgen graduating polkadots with the shades in reverse. Hope that makes sense :)
    Thankyou for the generous giveaway xx

  • I would love to do a tropical. nail with a. Mix. Of flowers maybe into a transition in to the next season. Or even a gradient sun set

  • I wanna to try butterfly nail art ?, and some marble nail arts. Thank you for the opportunity to win these awesome colors.

  • Rebecca

    A Roman Holiday Gradient

  • Julia

    I would go for a colour block! I live in Warsaw, Poland, and as summer holidays have ended the weather is getting colourless – it’s getting colder and colder, the sun is hiding… Autumn here is more gray and sad than beautiful and colourful- if you know what I mean :) So I would change it with some colourful mani – colour block would be just fine! Or, I would do colourful ombré with gray polka dots? There are too many options!

  • Vanessa

    Wow those colours are Beauts.
    I would definitely do some some of negative space design, probably geometric cause triangle are all the rage. I would do two feature nails on each hand, the thumb and ring finger and the rest nude.

    A second idea would be an Aztec design using all the neon colours. Definitely an eye catcher!

  • Dominique

    I’d do a “paint splatter” design. I’d take each color (after I put white polish on) & the sort of lightly flick the polish on my nail so it’d look like paint splattered on a canvas.

  • Leslie

    I instantly thought of a beach ball! I’d love to try to turn that into nail art.

  • I would let my imagination works and I think it would be something zig- zaggy with all that colours (I have a Valentino dress with this design and it would match perfectly to it) :)

  • I would start by painting each nail white. Then I would make a simple flower and striping design alternating colors on each nail by using various size dotting tools.

  • Megan

    I would do a color block using Highlight as the base and randomly taping off parts of the nail to fill in the the neons, making sure to overlap them.

  • Jill

    I would paint all nails with the Hot Pink, except the ring finger I would paint Yellow. Next I would Polka Dot across the Bottom & Outside Edge of each nail with the remaining colors.

  • Shannon

    I would probably do a tie dye/hippy theme. I would do three fingers of tie dye swirl and two fingers with a dot flower design. How can you not use these colors to make something trippy?

  • brenda disimone

    yes i am entering. i would do stripes, dots and chevron stamping

  • Lina

    These would look gorgeous in a water marble, or a gradient, or both!! I think a combo would be genius! Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway <3 that is a nice bonus to your already inspiring and beautiful manis :)

  • Georgina

    My first instinct was watermarble, but then I noticed the one that appears to be a neutral… (I’m not all that familiar with Orly colours I’m afraid). So I think I’d start with that as base and then get some nail vinyls out, like a diamond patterned one, and start filling in colours.

  • Colleen

    I would do a strobe light effect over black with these colors as a throwback to 80s!!

  • Mathilda

    I would totally do a gradient with the yellow and gray, I find that combo so cute! The pink colours should look really cool in a striped design with some negative space, possible some of that gray colour as well to tie it all together!

  • Sharon

    I would have to do some kind of fantasy art with all those bright colors. Something like fairies or unicorns.

  • Christine

    I believe these colors would look great when used for stamping. I would use the glostick or purple for the background & then stamp that with white flowers & put a yellow dot in the middle of them. Or I think geometric lines or triangles would look great on these colors.

  • Elena

    Whoa dude these colors are bright! But I’m diggin it. I would use these for my Halloween nails for sure. Haha I’m thinking ahead. So this year I’m thinking of being Frida Kahlo (unibrow and all) and some Dia de Los Muertos sugar skulls would really compliment my traditional Oaxacan dress. These colors are so vibrant and perf for the outfit!

    Thanks for the giveaway Maria

  • Judy

    Definitely splatter nails!

  • Renee

    I would do Keith Harring designs!
    Bright 80s and summery!!

  • Patatina069

    First of all thank you for this giveaway and for sure I participate ;-)
    Those colours made me immediatly think of a sunset, thus I’d do a summery nailart with a sunset gradient and stamp with some palm trees and some flying birds
    Ah! Wish summer could last forever!!!

  • Miranda

    I would use some simple colour blocking designs, but I think I’d use a matt top coat. I love how matt finish looks on super bright nails, particular on my short nails =)

  • empressSahra

    I would paint the beach, the way it looks from behind sunglasses at sunset!

  • Ahhhhh i love the bright colors And the neutral with it. I was going to say water marbling, but alot of people already have that, so what about an ombre? The purple crush to the glowstick, and then to highlight. I think that would look great! Maybe with the Va Va Voom as an accent nail so they’re not to bright and blind you. Ok thats my idea, I probably can’t compete with those awesome long posts, but mght as well give it a try right?

  • Louise

    These are gorgeous colours, thanks for arranging this giveaway. I would base coat my nails first then paint on the nude on all nails then topcoat. I would then use the neons to create distressed nails. With an almost wiped clean brush I would start with the pink, layer over that with the top coat, then yellow followed by topcoat & finish off with purple. Top off with at least 1 more layer of top coat. This should create an interesting depth to the mani.

  • Cristine M.

    I’m thinking of a neon galaxy with those fun beauties! Definitely entering. Thanks for the opportunity Maria! :)

  • Bev

    I would do a chevron ombre nail art. The colors are very bright. My nails would look super sexy! ?

  • Petra Sch.

    Yeah, I want to enter this giveaway! I LOVE these colours!!
    I think they are perfect for SUGAR SPUN! (I’ve never tried this nail art but I’ve always wanted to try)
    I follow via Bloglovin
    greets, Petra Sch.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I would re-create the Graphic Black and White Nail Art Tutorial with these colors, I think it would have a cool 80’s vibe to it.
    I also follow via Bloglovin (collifornia) & email! Thank you! :)

  • Watermarbling comes to mind first but I also think reverse stamping will also be nice.

  • LaTonya Ishman

    Love the colors

  • Im in love with the colors

  • Kim

    Entering the giveaway :)
    Neon twist on the classic floral!

  • Deb

    I love these colors. Bright, colorful and just beautiful.

  • Deb

    Beautiful bright bold colors always a great thing!

  • Liz Rivera

    I would do Hawaiian flower designs leaving the thumb and pinky nail all solid no designs

  • Ariana

    Such pretty colors, i would most like watermarble with these. :)

  • lisenden

    Neon-on-neon striping. Love to be in-your-face!

  • Brenda Tsukamoto

    Entering in the giveaway!
    I would create geometric nail art.

  • Lisa

    I would love to do a cute stripe or dot design.

  • kate

    With these beautiful colors I would love to try Flower Nail Art

  • bilqees bano

    I would try Siberian Pansy Nail Art Tutorial ..its really cool :)

  • I am going to create a lovely version of Graphic Black and White Nail Art – Tutorial – and think the nail would be amazing for summer look ….

    Thanks for the chance

  • I would do some cute fun and simple flowers ??? they are always a great succes ?

  • Fany Ayanomori

    Hi.. Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway
    I’d love to enter.. ^^
    I will do the flower pattern or dot pattern with this color. It would look cute with the bright and cheerful color. ^^
    Thank you~~

  • Hi! I’d love to win this and the nail art I would create with these colours would be something like the Siberian Pansy Nail Art

  • Lyudmila Sizova

    I liked Foil Drag Marble nail art as easy and at the same time, difficult nail art technique. It doesn’t require a steady hand or nail art skills as such but what it does require is a knowledge of the polish that you’re using and being able to create relatively similar patterns on all 10 nails.
    Bloglovin: Lyudmila Sizova
    E-mail to contact: lusizova@gmail.com

  • sanam hana

    entered.my bloglovin username is sanam hana.
    Must-Try Thailand Inspired Nail Art Tutorial.

  • Lena

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d try flower nail art or aztec art with these colours!
    Bloglovin – lenadmitrieva

  • Kristina

    Hello! :)
    I would love to do something like “Edgy Geometric nail art” using Glowstick as a base colour then Va Va Voom and Purple crush with Highlight on the end. And I would love to try Top 2 bottom as well.
    Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia. :)

  • Bailey Dexter

    I would love to create a french manicure with an overlay of lace with a few tiny dots of a pop colour! What I do want to try before summer is really overt is the Hawaiian Flower Nail!

  • desaria

    I love all of the colors
    Bloglovin username: desaria

  • MelodyJ

    I would do a Moon Manicure.

  • Kara W

    I would do a gradient manicure.

  • I would probably try a nice watermarble =) I love neon watermarbles =)

  • Natashakat

    I would do a chevron ombre nail art!!!!!!!!

  • Delilah

    I would use the nude as my background, then, using my dotting tool and striping brush, I would create hot pink and purple hydrangeas with neon leaves. My accent nail would have a partial hydrangea near the cuticle with a gem in either pink or purple (whichever best matches the shade used in my flower petals).

  • Cristina Popescu

    Bloglovin follower: Popescu Cristina
    email: cristina.popesku@yahoo.com
    I would try the watermarble.

  • Lily Schubert

    Hi Maria, I would love to enter your competition!
    Those colours make a compelling palate- I feel like neons and nudes are the sophisticated, trendy mother of the louder neon on white and black ;)
    Although they aren’t colours I tend to work with, I would love to try a skittle nail art mani because I think I would want to have a good play around with the different colours and their formulas!
    1. One of my favourite tutorials you’ve posted would be the Rainbow Drops Drag Marble! I would love to recreate this using the retina searing neons and the mushroom tone as a contrast.
    2. I would do a negative space style using Highlight as a base and using a neon to paint a geometric frame, and then allow the nail bed to peep through the neon frame using polish remover
    3. Another nail art tutorial that appeals to this colour set would be your summer dotticure with the FOA screen siren collection :) I would love to frame this style by outlining the nail in the magenta polish.
    4. I’ve loved the idea of two part nail art projects, such as a geometric striping design over an ombre gradient! These colours would be ideal to work with as the pigment rich neons transition between the the neutral nude and make for a striking feature!
    5. One other design I’ve found particularly satisfying to do is the quatrefoil look. I think that any (or even all) of the neons would look awesome with Highlight in this style and I love that a good dotting tool is all you need!
    After all that, I’m reminded that I really owe you a big hug and a tremendous thank-you for all the tutorials, reviews and inspiration you provide on tap! You are a true gem :)

  • Lisa Foster

    I’d use the three bright colors to do polka dots over the off white one.

  • Marcia B

    So very hard for me to choose one idea. I would do a gradient on the index and pinky finger. They would have white stamped Aztec decals on top. on the middle 2 I would do a water marble with a white base. If I’m allowed to throw in some sparkle I would put a little glitter shimmer on top. The thumb would be zebra print

  • Tina

    I would love to create “water-marble”effect
    Bloglovin: tinast

  • Leah

    I know that your question is “What nail art would you create with these colors?” and it’s a pretty straightforward question. However, my answer has three parts: what I wish I could create, what I can realistically create and what I will create.
    I wish I could create a very Roy Lichtenstein pop art nail design with these! I know that I’d probably have to bring in the color black as an outline, but the yellow, the grey, the hot pink all scream, “Pow,” “Wham,” “Bang!” to me. Unfortunately, highly detailed work like that is a little beyond my skill level!
    Realistically, I could probably create a dotticure (like the Sunday Funday: Summer Dotticure with FOA Screen Siren) using Highlight as a base color and the other colors for the dots! It would be a lot of fun and the neons against the taupe color would really pop!
    But what will I create? Hopefully, happiness. I will be giving this set to a young woman at-risk woman that my mom and I “adopted” through a charitable program via my mom’s church. We know that “A” is in foster care in Detroit, MI and will be turning 15 in December. My mom and I will be dropping birthday gifts off at the church for her and her social worker will pick them up for “A.” We know that she likes the colors red and pink, nail polish, peace signs, reading and making jewelry. This set will become a part of A’s gift because I think it’s a super fun set that any nail polish lover would be happy to have and it would brighten anyone’s day!
    Thank you so much!

  • Cristi Andreea

    flower and lemon

  • Amanda

    I would do a mixture of geometric and organic nails. On my thumb, index, and pinky I would do a chevron pattern with a nude base the the three bright colors in the pattern. I would them paint some bright flowers on a nude background on my middle and ring finger!

  • winda

    Start with a coat of Top2Bottom
    Other nails:
    Put on a halfmoon sticker/nail vinyl on the bottom of nail
    Put a coat of white polish above the sticker
    Sponge Highlight, Glowstick, and Purple Crush in gradient, repeat after dry; maybe using quick dry top coat inbetween.
    Put on striping tape in a vertical, slightly spreading manner
    Use a one-coater black polish over the tapes, remove the tapes while still wet
    Wait till dry

    Accent nail:
    Start with a coat of Va-va-voom
    Freehand chevrons using Highlight, Glowstick, Purple Crush, and black polish (alternate: use nail vinyls for neater, crisper result)
    Wait till dry.

    Seal with Top2Bottom.

  • These bright, gorgeous colors would be perfect for creating graphic nail art! I could see myself recreating SoNailicious’s Graphic Black and White Nail Art with or taking a shot at my own punchy graphic design!
    Either way, these bright beauties would really stand out in a crowd!

  • Shaun

    I would do beautiful watermarbles!

  • veronica torres

    i think these colors would be great to do like a lava lamp type of design . thanks for the giveaway , hope i win :)

  • I would definitely do birthday mix and match nails with cupcakes and balloons ^^ Coz it’s my birthday tomorrow ^^

  • I would do some chevron nail art with these gorgeous polishes. :)

  • alice_neon

    I would do reciprocal gradients!

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