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Art Nouveau nails, yellow nails

Here’s the first manicure using polishes from the new BioSculpture Rock and Crystal nail collection. It’s called Art Nouveau because these two colours, Amethyst Moonstone and Totally Topaz, when put together remind us of the paintings of Alphonse Mucha. Though for the nails, rather than trying to recreate the artworks precisely we did a more modern (and easier!) 3D nail design. You can find a quick how-to at the end of this article or learn each of the techniques (creating patterns with striping tape & applying studs) in detail from our book.

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As for the polishes, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know we’re big fans of BioSculpture. It’s rare to find a brand that ticks all the boxes – great formula, great brush, beautiful color palette and easy to work with. It’s particularly good for striping tape nail art because it dries fast and covers your nails evenly resulting in a perfectly smooth surface. Part of the the secret of these polishes perfect formula must be that they are created by nail professionals for nail professionals. That’s also their only pitfall, at the moment these polishes are only available at BioSculpture nail salons. If you can get a hold on some BioSculpture polishes, I highly recommend them, they’ll soon become your favorites too.

Scroll down to read the Art Nouveau nails how to!

striping tape nail artbiosculpture nail design3d nails, studs nails


  1. Paint 3 coats of Totally Topaz #140 on all nails and let it dry.
  2. Using striping tape create the pattern on each nail and paint over with Amethyst Moonstone #139. Remove striping tape.
  3. Apply studs and seal your nail art with a generous layer or three of top coat.

Disclosure: Products were provided PR/brand for our consideration. Opinions expressed are our own. Full disclosure policy here.

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  • Lovely! I specially like how the two colours contrast so beautifully! :)

    • Thank you Mina! Both shades are so unusual and beautiful, I couldn’t resist but to put them together. And, I’m already contemplating more nail designs with them :)

  • Wow this is beautiful and simply gorgeous. Love that yellow base.

    • Thank you Angela! yes, that yellow is one of the most beautiful and complex shades I’ve seen so far.

  • Lindsay K

    I love them, the detail is impeccable as always! Just a heads up, though, this is Art Deco. Art Deco is like these, bold, simple and geometric. Nouvea only has very organic, curved lines and is usually pretty “full” and complex.

    • Thank you Lindsay! You’re absolutely right, this print is more Art Deco. But I called these nails Art Nouveau because the colours remind us of the paintings of Alphonse Mucha.

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  • smallgirl

    the colors could be used by Mucha, but the design has definitely nothing to do with art nouveau, quite the opposite. you should call them art deco, like some of your other creations have the name correctly. others than this, your nails look again stunning, and the photos are great, as always. thank you so much for sharing!

    • My pleasure! <3

    • Christine Drzyzgula

      That is the first thing i thought, not nouveau “S” curve but the colors are spot on with turn of the century nouveau interior design and fashion.

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