5 Awesome Reasons To Do A Stash Spring Clean Right Now

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5 awesome reasons to do a spring clean 1

Like anyone, every year I’ve made dozens of New Years resolutions that slowly fade and are gradually forgotten. Then another year would roll around and it would be time to make new resolutions. Not this year! This year, instead of making resolutions, I decided to act. To face problems as they appear and tackle them immediately.

One of the major problems for a long time was a lack of space in my office. A serious lack of space. There were mountains of nail polishes, invoices, lipsticks, magazines, mood boards and so on. All the things that I considered necessary for an efficient workflow were polluting my table, shelves and even the floor. So, on one fine Monday without any further hesitation, I stopped all my usual activities (seriously, Pinterest CAN wait) and attacked first my stash and then the table, which mostly consisted of my overflowing stash anyway. During the clean up I realized how important a spring clean is and now I’d like to share this epiphany with you.

So here they are, my 5 awesome reasons to do a spring clean of your stash right now, no further excuses for delays accepted:

  1. Discover the unexpected – you never know what you can find there. New or pre-loved things that somehow got into your stash and later were forgotten about. Cleaning up will bring them to the surface. Among my most remarkable discoveries were: 2 more brand new bottles of Essie Good To Go (I recently bought 4, who knew I already had 2?!),  a brand new Sass&Bide lingerie set and a brand new Chanel lipstick!
  2. Free up space – Don’t go for a pathetic re-arranging of items, be brutal. Throw away everything broken, old and unusable. You don’t need to hold on 3 last drops of your favorite top coat that has been sitting around for the last 4 months. Some glitter nail polishes tend to dry up if stored for a long time  and others lose their sparkle or clarity as glitter particles dissolve in the base. So check all your polishes and say farewell to the unsalvageable ones.
  3. Get inspired – going through the shades you already own may spark some new ideas for great manicures. By cleaning up your stash you’re basically rediscovering it. Previously forgotten colours may get a new lease on life with new shades you’ve acquired.
  4. Save money – we all have untried polishes. Do you really want to hold on them for the rest of your life? If you haven’t tried them for the last year, put them to use – give them way! Put together little gift packs for your friends, family or run a blog giveaway. Are there some you just can’t give away? Make it your agenda to try them all before buying any new shades. That will motivate you and save money.
  5. Have something to Instagram/talk/blog about – after your clean up, you can decorate your working space to make it truly awesome. Find some inspiration on Pinterest and go with it. Show the results on Instagram or blog about it to motivate others to do the same.

Hope you’re feeling motivated and I look forward to seeing your pretty, clean work spaces! I’ve shown you mine, now it’s your turn ;)

Maria xx

PS. To show your photos as always just use tag #sonailicious on Twitter and Instagram.

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