Top 5 Dark Brown Nail Polishes That Are Perfect For Any Season

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5 Best Brown Nail Polishes || Comparison
Chanel Cavaliere || 5 Best Brown Nail Polishes
Dior Blazing Bronze || 5 Best Brown Nail Polishes
5 Best Brown Nail Polishes Close Up

Dark brown nail polish is usually perceived as a traditional Fall nail colour. So often it’s overlooked and underestimated. However, the new elegant, luxurious browns has way more to offer than just being another dull Fall colour! Especially now, with all the interesting finishes, luxurious shimmers and special effect top coats.

Dark brown is the best complimentary colour for bright turquoise and lemon yellow – hello summer nail art! On another hand, most dark brown polishes look so flattering on any skin tones, which makes it perfect for winter, when even the most beautiful hands tend to transform into… let’s say ‘a bit red and flaky’. So next time you’re polish shopping, don’t disregard the humble browns. One of them may become your new favourite nail polish that you will wear all year around!

Here’s 5 stunning dark brown nail polishes that are perfect for any season (in no particular order):

  1. Sally Hansen Haute Stone, here $6.79 USD or here $16.95 AUD. This muted brown polish with a beautiful rose gold shimmer effect is  a great everyday nail colour for those of you who prefer dark nails look. It looks flattering on any skin tones and goes well with almost any outfit. Wear it with a matte top coat to make the rose gold shimmer pop or pair it with a bright turquoise and lemon yellow for a striking nail art.
  2. Chanel Terrana, $28.00. This metallic brown with a rose gold shimmer effect is perfect for summer. But if you wear it with a matte top coat it becomes a perfect fall or winter manicure. It has cool undertones and looks best on cooler skin tones. Chanel Terrana is so much more than just your typical brown nail polish, no wonder it’s one of those limited edition Chanel colours that are very hard to find. It’s been on my ‘must have’ list for 2 years ;)
  3. Dior Blazing Bronze, here $26.00. This shimmering brown nail polish lives up to it’s name! With inclusion of gold and bronze shimmer this polish looks striking on nails. While it was released as a part of Dior Summer 2017 collection, it can be easily worn in fall and winter, or even spring if you pair it with pastels. It’s very fast drying and super easy to apply – opaque in just 2 coats. Colour wise, it suits best those with warmer skin tones and looks fabulous paired with white, light blue and pastel yellow. See it in action here.
  4. Chanel Cavaliere, here $28.00 USD. If you like shimmering nail polishes, you simply can’t miss this stunner! It yields into a beautiful, extra shimmery and perfectly smooth chocolate brown manicure that shines bright with gold sparkles under direct sunlight, – perfect for summer! Chanel Cavaliere has warm undertones and suits best those with warm as well we very fair skin tones. Plus, it’s extra long-lasting. See full review here.
  5. Tom Ford Bitter Bitch, here $36 USD and  here $52.00 AUD. This brown nail polish is the darkest from the selection and is perfect alternative to a classic dark red nails look. Tom Ford Bitter Bitch has a classic glossy creme finish and is fully opaque in 2 thin coats. Plus, it looks flattering on any skin tones, matches really well with most polish colours but looks particularly good with nude and light blue.

Make sure you scroll through the image gallery above for swatches and comparison of these brown beauties.

Have you tried any of the these? What’s your favorite dark brown nail polish?

– Maria, xx

P.S. Looking for some nail art ideas with browns? We’ve got you covered, here and here!

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