10 Best SoNailicious Nail Art Tutorials of 2014

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the best nail art tutorials 2014

To wrap up 2014, here’s a compilation of the best nail art tutorials we put together during the last year. So if you haven’t tried any of these, holidays is the perfect time – just click the title above the image to see the step-by-step how-to.

The best 10 nail art tutorials of 2014, according to you, our readers, from the 10th to the most viewed:

10. Geometric Nail Art With Textured Nail Polish – Tutorial

geometric nail art tutorial

9. The Sideways Ruffian Manicure – Tutorial

ruffian nails nail art tutorial

8. Red and White Nails – Tutorial

red and white nail art tutorial

7. The Perfect Glitter Gradient – Tutorial


6. Easter Egg with OPI 18K Gold Top Coat – Tutorial

easter egg nail art tutorial

5. Geometric French Tip Nails – Tutorial

french tips nail art tutorial

4. The Bright Pastel Spring Nail Art – Tutorial

spring nail art tutorial

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Nail Art – Tutorial

marc jacobs nails tutorial

2. Black and White Negative Space Nails – Tutorial

negative space nails tutorial

1. Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Art – Tutorial

drag marble nail art tutorial

In case you’re curious, the absolute winner in the nail art category was this Pretty Summer Dotticure and the most viewed polish – Chanel Sweet Star.

So what do you think about this compilation, guys, have you tried any of these nail art tutorials? What’s your favorite?

– Maria, xx

P.S. If you’d like to peruse all SoNailicious nail art tutorials created in 2014, check out our nail art gallery.

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  • Clarita

    I want to try all of these! I do like the rainbow drops drag marble one the best, but my attempts at drag marble with even one color have been a fail, let alone with so many colors!

  • linda

    love the rainbow drops, i’ll do that in the summer, also love the red and white, id wear my nails with any of these designs though, lovely

  • Beautiful nail arts <3 I love your work… keep up the good work in new year… wishing you all the best :*

  • All nail designs look beautiful. My fav. being Side way ruffian and Drag water marble. Loved the colors used in Side way ruffian nail design.

  • The red and white manicure is my favourite by far, but I love all the others too. I intend trying all of them at some stage in the future when I’ve worked out how to get my clean-ups looking as good as yours do. I just don’t seem to be able to do it no matter how hard I try. Thank you so much for all your inspiration and advice.

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